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Temporary Residents

PathPoint Immigration and Educational Consultancy helps you come to Canada as temporary residents, including visitors, temporary foreign workers, international students..

Study Permit Process

Our team assists international students in finding the right programs in various colleges and universities and provides all required services to attain their goals, including obtaining a Canadian Study Permit.

Economic Classes Process

PathPoint assists you in immigrating to Canada as permanent residents in the economic classes, including Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, and the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Family Class Process

Our team helps you immigrate to Canada as permanent residents in the Family Classes, including the overseas Family Class and the Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada Class.

PR Application & Renewal Process

We assist you in applying for or renewing your Permanent Resident Card to ensure that you maintain your status as a permanent resident of Canada.

Express Entry Applications

We have extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry system. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible assistance and guidance..

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